6 Fashion Myths for Plus Size Women – Busted

Many curvy women think that they are stuck in a narrow box when it comes to fashion, but that’s simply not true. With Perfectly Priscilla, the rules of fashion are out the window. Curvy women have more options than ever to shop and find comfortable and gorgeous clothes that reflect your personality and style. Say goodbye to all of the fashion myths you have heard before. Below we uncover some of the most common myths plus size women face and why they do not apply any longer. Fashion Myth 1: Read more [...]

Men and Strong Hair Care Practices

Quality Hairstyles for Men Men are just like women in many senses. They want to look good. They want to feel confident when they go out in public. If you're a stylish man, you probably focus on your hair. You probably want a hairstyle that's attractive and practical. You also probably want one that's easy to maintain. If you're looking for a great hairstyle, it can help to seek assistance from a qualified and experienced professional. There are luckily many professional hairstylists who have significant Read more [...]

4 Reasons Why it’s Smart to buy cosmetics online

Many of us want to look our best when we head out the door. In these modern times people are more pressed than ever to save on time. The good news is one area you may be able to save significant time in is buying your cosmetics online. More and more people are quickly realizing the added benefits and ease of purchasing cosmetics online can reduce stress in their already busy life. Look for a company with a bold and inspiring website such as Inglot Cosmetics to help get you on your way to your Read more [...]