2018 Trends That Won’t Break The Budget

It’s always tricky to adjust your clothing as new trends come in and out of fashion, especially if you’re on a tighter budget. Fast-fashion has taken over the couture world, and it makes more sense to buy high street pieces than designer these days, purely because in a few months it may no longer be on trend.

To help you avoid breaking the bank and going over budget this season, here are 5 trends that aren’t too pricey and are set to be in fashion all year round…

The Fitted Tracksuit

Every year a new tracksuit trend will emerge and everyone will rush to grab themselves one. Lucky, the last few seasons have featured mens fitted tracksuits in a huge way, and it looks like they’re here to stay. Branching out into luxe fabrics, like suedette and pressed velvet, look to brands like Jameson Carter in 2018 to provide you with the freshest fitted trackies about in 2018.

Thick Stripes

The best thing about stripes is that they honestly never really go ‘out’ of style. A fresh nautical striped T will always be the cornerstone of any day/casual look, so investing int a new one season after season actually isn’t a waste on money. I you want something a little more out there this year, try a striped rain mac or some chinos. This season, the thicker the stripe the better, so go for something bold.

Classic Shoes

2018 will be all about the Brogue. Another timeless classic, Brogues never go out of style. Whether you’re trying to add a smart touch to a casual outfit, or you save your brogues for real special occasions, every man needs a pair in his collection. This year will see Brogues make a massive comeback (yes, they didn’t really go anywhere), and they really will be everywhere. Invest in a classic black pair with a thicker sole if you want a contemporary twist.

Flat Caps

You’ve got Mr.Tommy Shelby to thank for this one! Yep, the world’s gone mad for Peaky Blinders, and with the craze has come the clothes. Expect to see young men everywhere donning the classic flat cap this year. The best thing about this trend is the cost – you can bag yourself a vintage flat cap in a charity shop for less than a fiver – sorted!

Enough inspo for you? We hope so! Remember, the days of breaking the for the latest trend is a thing of the past. Fashion is too fast for that these days, so for once try and go for quantity over quality. Happy New Year!

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