6 Fashion Myths for Plus Size Women – Busted

Many curvy women think that they are stuck in a narrow box when it comes to fashion, but that’s simply not true. With Perfectly Priscilla, the rules of fashion are out the window. Curvy women have more options than ever to shop and find comfortable and gorgeous clothes that reflect your personality and style.

Say goodbye to all of the fashion myths you have heard before. Below we uncover some of the most common myths plus size women face and why they do not apply any longer.


Fashion Myth 1: You should never wear white.

Don’t wear white after Labor Day!” is a myth that has long been busted. What makes a piece of clothing flattering is the fit of the garment, not the color. Check out Perfectly Priscilla’s Dare to Compare Dress in a soft, flattering white dress. It features a gorgeous neckline with open cut sleeves. It narrows at the waist to show off your gorgeous curves while it flows down for a flattering look. When you shop for the perfect white outfit, pick a gorgeous white garment that provides structure and support. Avoid flimsy clothing. White dresses are great for any season and can be layered with pops of color that catch the eye wherever you go.

Fashion Myth 2: Don’t wear button-down shirts.

Actually, a nice button-down shirt compliments every woman’s natural shape. Women should look for a shirt that comes with great stretch and with stylish design details that show off your shapes. You can layer your shirt with a jacket, cardigan or blazer. You can even wear the button down by itself over a pair of slimming jeans. A button down shirt elongates your and shows off the best part of you. Perfectly Priscilla’s Jolly Jingle shirt, for example, is a fabulous plaid button down with glitter pocket detailing. It pairs well with a dark pair of jeans. This shirt is great for a casual day out with friends or looking great while completing errands. They have different styles and colors to match your individual personality.

Fashion Myth 3: Monochrome is the only way to go.

When it comes to monochrome, the best way to use this plus size fashion style is by following a simple rule. “Use it, don’t abuse it.” It’s no secret that monochrome can be a great asset to a woman’s wardrobe. Monochrome creates a single lean line. However, sometimes women use monochrome incorrectly. Often, women throw on different pieces of clothing in the same color with little thought. Without a little consideration, it can make your look appear a little messy. A great way to wear monochrome style is by wearing different fabrics in similar or same colors. Use a different fabric for each garment instead of the same fabric throughout your outfit. You can even add a pop of color to enhance your style. Perfectly Priscilla offers different styles in various fabrics to help you create the best outfit before you begin your day or go out in the town. Monochrome is also great for dressing in business clothes for plus size women.

Fashion Myth 4: Avoid stripes

Stripes get a really bad rap. However, not all stripes are bad. While it is recommended to avoid chunky horizontal stripes, some stripes are encouraged. Stripes that are asymmetrical or designed in creative ways can be fun to wear. A great example is the Peak of Perfection dress from Perfectly Pricilla. It features stripes that are broken into angles. It helps shows off your natural lines and enhances the best features of your body. Another style tip about stripes to keep in mind is that thinner stripes tend to create a slender appearance than thick chunky stripes. Also, stripes that are lightly colored look exceptional against a dark background.

Fashion Myth 5: Avoid trends, only stick to the basics.

Above all, wear what makes you happy. If there is a certain trend that has caught your eye, by all means, do it! The trick to wearing trends is to wear them in a way that takes advantage of your beautiful natural shape. Try multi-toned pieces or mix dark and light pieces together. Take advantage of your shape and experiment with different styles to find the best style for you.

Fashion Myth 6: Wear baggy clothes.

Hiding away in a walking pile of clothes will do nothing except make you look round or look even larger. Show off your shape and its natural lines. While your clothes don’t have to be clingy, wear clothes that fit your body. Fabrics today come with a lot of benefits that provide amazing coverage, stretch and wears smoothly on your body. Wear what makes you happy and don’t use clothes to hide. Check out more clothing options from Perfectly Priscilla and create your perfect style today.

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