7 Reasons Contacts Are Better Than Glasses

glassesIf your vision is anything but 20/20, then this is for you. We understand that you have to deal with vision problems on a regular basis. We know that every time you scrunch up your face, it is because you’re making an effort to see clear. We know that you will choose whichever option gives you the best vision, at the most comfort. So if you’re still wearing glasses, we’re here to tell you why contacts are so much better.

Don’t be afraid of coming so close to touching your eye. Contacts actually have several benefits over glasses that make this fear worth conquering for all the right reasons.

1.Contacts give you better vision.

One downside to eyeglasses, especially ones with thick lenses, is that they distortyour vision. Moreover, the frames tend to block your view, which limits your peripherals. Contacts lets you see the entire picture, just the way you should be seeing it.

2. Contacts are weather-proof.

If it’s raining, snowing, or freezing, glasses tend to compromise your vision. A common problem is that water droplets or snow pelt the lenses, making it hard for you to see anything. An even bigger complaint is that when experiencing a change of temperature, glasses tend to fog up, making it impossible to see anything at all. With contacts, none of these problems ever occur, making it more flexible to all conditions.

3. Contacts make it easier to play sports.

Athletes with vision problems highly prefer to play using contacts. This is because physical activity jostles the glasses, making it that much harder to concentrate on the game and get the win. Contact lenses feel much more natural, letting you focus all your energies on the job at hand.

4. Contacts are more comfortable than you think.

Contact lenses don’t feel like anything at all, so long as you clean them properly everyday. They have the “barely-there” quality to them, so much so that you even forget that your vision isn’t perfect! They don’t feel heavy on your face like glasses do, nor do they keep slipping down your nose as a constant reminder of their presence. Contact lenses provide the utmost comfort with the least hassle.

5. Contacts don’t glare under the light.

Eyeglasses have the annoying habit of reflecting your vision on the backside of the lens, especially when looking directly at something bright. This glare is not only bothersome, but it further impairs your vision.

6. Contacts let you wear any pair of sunglasses any time.

Have you ever gone to a 3D movie in your glasses? It’s not very fun watching the movie wearing two pairs of spectacles stacked on top of each other. Contact lenses gives you the option to wear any piece of eyewear at anytime, be it 3D glasses in the cinema, a snorkeling mask in the ocean, or sunglasses on a sunny day!

7. Contacts go with all your outfits.

Glasses are also a longtime commitment. When you purchase your new pair, choose wisely and go with something classic and basic. Going with trendy and colorful pieces tend to come in and out of fashion, while also clashing with a lot of your outfits. Contacts are more flexible in this department, letting you accessorize without any concerns.

For your eyes, contacts are definitely a better match than eyeglasses. It’s important to choose comfortable, durable, and long-lasting lenses like Air Optix Contact Lenses. Experience the difference and the freedom contacts can bring you.


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