Advancing Against the Trend of Fast-Fashion, The Philosophy of Projek Raw.

Consumers now have a seemingly endless reservoir of materials to work and play with. Fast Fashion has made clothing accessible, affordable, and approachable to the masses. It’s granted the average consumer the tools and freedom to craft personal styles with a flexibility unique to this era,but has it really used an official flavor of uniqueness or has the fast fashion world become a stagnant form of clothing popularity at a cheap price?The rise of the H&M’s and Forever 21’s is no longer a secret. Their climb up the fashion ladder has been well documented and very noticeable. Every one of these stores is filled with racks of clothing that change within a few days. However, the consensus around these clothing trademarks could be known as a place to buy trendy clothes at a cheap price.

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Is this the way Fast Fashion should be treated? Is it all about price and less about creativity?

Projek Raw is a Canadian based designer who has taken the rise of Fast Fashion and used it to their advantage. By offering a plethora of new styles and innovative designs, they have battled back against fast fashion and taken their own strangle hold on the industry allwhile expanding globally. Their trademark has been cemented on the industry as one of the brands that are getting it right with a collection a genuine identity.

Consumers have been very generous with their opinions on the tiresome theory behind fast fashion. It appears that everyone is selling similar looking products that have no creativity, but a stimulating price point. Projek Raw has developed their own campaign that brings trendy, fresh and newness to the men’s wear market. Whether it’s a hooded jean jacket, a stylish jog-jean, or a simple marled-yarn dyed t-shirt, the consumers have praised the brand’s identity.

Although Projek Raw delivers more than 3 Million units annually to the Men’s market, it does not lose focus on the consumer needs. Quoting Dov Cohen, the company’s CEO and founder “Projek Raw was created with the inspiration for the young man looking for trendy fashions. He wants to look current and even a little ahead of the fashion trend. Every time we develop a new item, that’s the question we ask ourselves; ‘is this fresh, is this trendy, is this different? Most importantly,does it look like everyone else?’ If it does, throw away the design.”

Projek Raw took all this information into account and made the decision to crossover from Canada, bringing with them their creative ingenuity. As an established brand, Projek Raw continues to find their niche by targeting a very specific clientele that has been overlooked by the current industry. Their goal has always been taking the mind of the consumer into play when it comes to developing a new style.

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