Biggest SS18 Trends to Watch

You’ve probably got that email from your retailer to alert you that they’re having a sale. They’re letting you know that the style for Autumn and Winter is being thrown back in the stock room as they look to revamp their racks with new cooler clothes (meant literally and figuratively). Now and again, the weather can choose to have the odd moody day, so it may be worth keeping the cozy knits at the back of the wardrobe. For the majority however, it’s worth making note of popular trends to wear this coming season as it’s time to prepare your wardrobe too.

Take a look at some of the trends we’ve outlined for Spring/Summer 18 this year that you can start to incorporate into your look and get ahead of the game now:


One of the more conservative pattern styles, stripes have gone vertical this year. There’s always the risk that too many stripes and you might end up looking like a rather colourful zebra crossing, but many looks to walk across the famous fashion catwalks had subtle, straight and narrow stripes stationed on garments such as t-shirts, short sleeved shirts and trousers. Keep it simple with one striped piece being on show at a time and save the look of someone appearing in men’s loungewear in the front room. For women, this can be countered with the likes of jumpsuits and long dresses being the preferable item choice to show off.

Check Patterns

Quite popular from Autumn/Winter collection, checks are continuing to stay and remain comfortable for the Summer/Spring too. Lumberjack comes to mind when thinking of checks, so make sure that the check designs aren’t making too much of a statement when putting your outfit together. Compliment your checks with a toned down look, applying it to items like trousers and knitwear. For the ladies, blazers and midi-skirts add a bit of pizzazz to a more toned-down look.

Sportswear for Women

Athletic leisurewear is becoming far more common after the recent wave of gym heads came about. The obsession to live a fit and healthy lifestyle is something that we ought to show too as it starts to be incorporated within our everyday garments too. For women, it’s the opportunity to express themselves and mix and match some items with more formal clothing, including skirts and dresses into their look.

Tropical Shirts for Men

It was a look that would pass off more for the 60 year old Dad who’s on a cruise holiday for the Summer, but tropical shirts are making a comeback. It may seem quite a flamboyant look so aim to tone it down a bit with your colour choice, looking for subtle tones that can be accompanied with chinos or jeans for the ultimate summer style.

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