Custom Shirt Designs are Limited Only by Your Imagination

Designing your own custom shirt is a great way to celebrate group accomplishments or team unity. There is a wide selection of options available when it comes to picking the right shirt for your needs. You can choose from a wide range of t-shirts or customize polo shirts and hoodies for the whole bunch. You can even customize your design and let each person choose the shirt that feels right for them.



After you’ve decided what style shirt to use, you choose your design. You can use a photograph or an artist’s drawing, or you can even choose designs from the clip art libraries. Customize your design to create something your whole group can be proud of. Embroider name tags onto your shirts or use screen printing to emblazon your message. Below you will find some great ideas for ordering your custom shirts.

For the Team

There are a variety of ways to form a team. Perhaps you are walking a cancer walk with your friends, or you are looking for team shirts for your kid’s soccer team to wear. No matter how you build your team, you can design a great shirt to show off your team spirit.

Church Groups

You can show pride in your church with custom shirts. Recognize the hard working groups within your church by designing a shirt that celebrates their contribution. You can use a photograph of your church with the name, address, and phone number proudly displayed. Make them available for purchase to raise funds for the next mission trip or cause your church invests in.

For Business

Designing a custom shirt for your small business can help your employees stand out. Company shirts are an excellent form of advertisement. You can use your company’s emblem or feature your business address and phone number.

Family Reunions

Design a great t-shirt to celebrate this year’s family reunion. Whether you come from a large clan or are just a small close knit group, there are great options available to you. Choose a design that catches the essence of your family. You can divide the branches of the family tree by color or even include everyone’s name on their own customized shirt.

Don’t belong to a church, team, or group? That’s okay. You can design a custom shirt for you and a small group of friends, or come up with your own unique wardrobe that no one else is wearing. When you choose screen printing in springfield mo, your only limit is your own imagination.

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