How Men Over 40 Can Maintain their Fashion Sense

faMajority of men who are more than 40 years old tend to admit that they have less care about fashion because of their commitment to relationships or their tie to their marriage with their partner doing all the care. For everybody, the transition from the 30’s to the 40’s is truly a kind of struggle in terms of getting fashion advice.

But many men look at the world in a different way now. Majority of them already have their goals met and they are trying to reach new goals that can be often focused on personal desires instead of professional development. The struggles originate from the comfort issue while the age is always being denied. A number of men wish to regress instead of embrace improvement. Here are some useful tips for men over 40 to maintain their fashion sense.

Steer Clear from Marketing Ploys and Fad

Such marketing tactics can only work for teenagers and those in their 20’s. Men over 40 must not wear sport caps placed high on the head and tilted on a side. They should not feel obligated to wear expensive sneakers as they are endorsed by a favorite athlete. T-shirts that have catchy and silly phrases should not be worn as these will only make them look creepy or perverted.

Donate Used Clothes to Charity

While it is possible for some styles to be cycled back after some time, they often come back taking a modern taste.
A number of vintage clothing can be an exception to this rule. Despite the hope to be able to use them again, there is a possibility that the style has already changed after one can be able to fit back into such pieces again.

Wear Wrinkle-Free and Clean Clothes

Wearing wrinkled and dirty clothing will make men over 40 appear lazy making them less attractive. Jeans that have knee holes are juvenile and men will appear like a slob wearing clothes with missing buttons or tears. Additionally, they will look lumpy with clothing that is too tight or too big for them.

Let the Jeans Rest and Wear some Trousers

Linen or cotton trousers that have flat, fronts and not pleated will provide more style and comfort to the look.
Khaki or beige is just an awesome pick although men over 40 can go with some solid color ranges. It’s not a good idea to choose multicolored styles or loud patterns.

Always Accessorize

menCuff links, tie clips, belts, shoes and watches are necessary pieces to complete the outfit. Regardless of what men do, it is important they have a belt with color matching the color of their shoes. Men in their 40’s just put on gym shoes and sneakers as they go to the gym or work out. These shoes will never be casual shoes and if these are worn in the outdoor, they must be scuff free and clean. For men this age, casual loafers are the best pick.

Say No to Fitted or Slim Tags

These will surely not provide that 25-year old physique that a man in their 40’s probably used to have. Unless they go to the gym to work out daily, they need to look for a local tailor. In order to get the best fit, they must avoid buying from store displays. Well tailored pants and jacket will provide the best look that suits the body. Baggy pants or pants that have folded cuff should not be worn. The pant leg’s bottom must only reach the shoe’s top.

Conversely, too short pants that show off unmatched socks will demonstrate volumes about the wearer. These considerations are particularly important for models in their 40’s. While some of them have reached the peak of their career, many of them are still trying to know “is bubblegum casting legitimate.” Thus, they may still be at the starting phase and wouldn’t want to miss making the right mix and match in terms of their clothing.

Keep Good Grooming

A face that is cleanly shaved depicts a great pride in one’s self. Men over 40 may observe losing hair and gaining in hair other areas more quickly. It is important to pay attention to the ear and nose hair as well as ensure that neck back hair is taken care of by the barber. Men of this age should go easy on fragrances as cologne, aftershave, body spray and deodorant will surely not cover up body odor.

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