How to Incorporate Men’s Bags Into a Wardrobe

Masculine leather bags provide an easy way for men to incorporate functionality and style into their wardrobes. Many kinds of bags for men have become suitable and acceptable in numerous circumstances. Whether for work, travel, or casual outings, a bag can act as the perfect style accessory and practical means of toting around necessary items. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know which bag serves as the right accessory on which occasions. Here is a breakdown of several popular types of bags and when to use them.

Briefcase and Attaché Case

The briefcase received its name because lawyers commonly carried this type of bag to hold briefs to present to court. The attaché case, generally more slender than the briefcase, is thus named because attachés (diplomatic officers) traditionally carried this kind of bag with them in order to hold important documents. As these name origins imply, briefcases and attaché cases best complement business attire and fit comfortably into work environments. Over time they have lost their sharp corners, but today they still retain the leather exteriors and practical interior compartments that make them functional and convenient for many working men.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags, traditionally carried by messengers, work well in the workplace and in more casual environments. While messenger bags used to be made only with canvas and limited to one profession, quality leather messenger bags have now become an important icon in urban fashion. These bags ultimately combine style and utility. Users can easily access the contents of the bag and carry around heavier items without causing discomfort. A classy leather messenger bag can be carried with slick street clothes, and can be easily transferred from work to casual use.


For men who travel frequently for their jobs, the holdall can be a convenient replacement for bulky luggage. Inspired by the duffle bag, but with a sleeker edge, the carryall can easily hold enough items to last for the weekend. Users do not have go through the inconvenience of checking in any bags. The refined leather carryall works well with casual business attire or casual weekend wear, which makes it the perfect option for business trips.


The word “tote,” meaning “to carry,” was applied to bags in the 20th century. Men’s totes today offer a modern spin on the briefcase design. The interiors are often roomier and envelope a design akin to a temporary artisan bag. Created from sturdy materials, such as twill and leather, the tote provides a durability that can last throughout the years. Although most tote bags used to be open, zippers are frequently used to protect the contents of the bag. The tote, a slightly more casual alternative to the briefcase, can be carried with business-casual attire.

Many men’s bags exist to add the perfect masculine, classy, and practical accessory to different types of attire. Briefcases and attaché cases, messenger bags, holdalls, and totes all have their place in a men’s wardrobe. Whether for work, casual outings, or on the go, they can add timeless and sophisticated appeal to any ensemble. Quality leather and thoughtful designs make these bags a great way to combine fashion and functionality.


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