How To Make Mother’s Day Jewelry Stand Out From the Crowd

It might be expensive, but some could argue that jewelry is losing its sparkle (pardon the pun). It was once regarded as a woman’s favorite gift but nowadays, some would say that it is an unoriginal choice. When it comes to Mother’s Day, this is naturally not the effect you’ll be hoping for.

However, all is not lost and if you shop shrewdly, jewelry can still retain its key values that once made it a clear winner for every major occasion. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend the earth and visit a New York jeweler to achieve this either, with the following tips highlighting how you can get the most out of the jewelry gift idea and keep mom happy at the same time.


It doesn’t matter what gift you purchase, anything that is personalized is going to go down a storm. When it comes to something as precious as jewelry the impact is multiplied and you can transform the standard gift into something that’s well and truly out of this world.

So, what do we mean when we talk about personalization? This is a concept that has been around in the jewelry world for years and you only have to look at those engraved engagement rings to realize it. Subsequently, a little engraved message is one thing, and there is now beautiful Mother’s Day jewelry available which can combine a name and date to create the ultimate piece.

There are countless other options as well. Another one of our favorites is the charm solution, with this allowing you to pick out a selection of items that are appropriate to your life together. As you can see, both have a much bigger effect than the standard gold or silver necklace that are marketed on the high streets at this time of year.

Precious Stones

Another option that follows a similar path are precious stones. One could write a whole dissertation on what each of these mean, but the point is that they do all have a meaning and this can work wonders for an occasion like Mother’s Day.

Depending on what type of stone you purchase, the meanings can vary. For example, some will reflect your mother’s personality, while others will even ‘claim’ to improve something like the receiver’s self-esteem. It’s understood that amethyst is one such stone and by purchasing a gift like this with a meaning, it really does make the whole day that little bit more special.

Mother and Child Jewelry

If you’re a grown adult, this might not be an idea for you. However, there are now jewelry pieces out there which signify the mother and baby relationship. These can be something as simple as a charm which features both their names on, or something a little more creative like a mother and child ring. The latter can make a particularly pleasant gift for Mother’s Day, with the ring hardly being the conventional shape and featuring the classic mother and child figure on the side.

Again, it’s not a present for mature children. However, if you are buying on behalf of your little one, it can again make the day that extra special.

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