How To Make Your Hair Longer And Healthier

Growing your hair long can seem like a huge task. Typically, hair only grows six inches a year if you are lucky and your hair type and growth is already determined by genetics. There are, however, a few tips and tricks to help make your hair grow longer and healthier, from taking nutritional supplements to choosing the right conditioner, that will help you closer to your dream of having long, silky hair.

It Won’t Grow Overnight

Unless you have a magic scalp that grows hair instantaneously, then gaining any new hair length is going to take time. Hair usually only grows around a quarter to half an inch a month maximum and this is only when it is healthy and doesn’t have a lot of split ends.

Scissors Are Your Friend

Although regular trims won’t make your hair grow any faster, it will get rid of unwanted split ends. This will help keep your hair looking healthy and prevent any split ends you do have from working up the hair strands, requiring you to chop off more than you hoped for. If you wait too long to get your hair cut and split ends are making your hair break off high up on the hair strand, then your hair will end up shorter than if you get it trimmed every 10 weeks.

Try Hair-Boosting Health Supplements

Your body needs a lot of vital nutrients to create new hair, from essential minerals to protein. Whilst eating a balanced diet helps hair growth, you may still not be getting the proper amount of nutrients that your hair needs to grow strong and withstand damage. Taking health supplements will boost your hair growth and make it healthier as soon as it grows out of the follicle.

Don’t Shampoo Every Time You Wash Your Hair

A lot of women skip conditioner when they wash their hair, which is actually the worst thing you can do for hair care, especially when you are trying to grow it. It is actually shampoo that you should be skipping. The purpose of shampoo is to remove dirt and product buildup, but it may also take away the essential oils that keep your hair healthy and strong. When you do need to shampoo, be gentle on your hair by only lathering it on your scalp and let the lather slide down hair strands as the water rinses it away.

Use Conditioner Every Time You Wash Your Hair

Whether you’re shampooing or not, everytime your hair is wet then you should conditioner it. Over time, thanks to colouring and styling, your hair strands will start to get thinner at the bottom. Conditioner will help to replace the proteins and lipids inside of the hair shaft, as well as sealing the cuticle to help prevent from any further damage.

Apply An Oil Or Mask Treatment Every Week

If your hair is touching your shoulders, then the hair is likely to be several years old and will be in need of more TLC than your usual conditioner can offer. Use a moisture based hair mask or oil each week and use this pre-shampoo. Because oils can leave a greasy residue on hair, you should apply the mask or oil to damp hair, leave for 10 minutes and then shampoo and condition as normal. These oils and masks will fill strands with fatty acids and when washed out, shampoo should help to seal them inside of the hair strand.

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