How to Show Off Your Beauty While Keeping Your Modesty

modest-beautyStaying modest in the way you dress shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing your beauty. Keeping modest in dress isn’t meant to make a woman unattractive. Forget the stigma associated with covering your hair. Judaism teaches us that a head covering provides us with privacy. Our beauty is a divine gift, but Jewish tradition encourages us to preserve our beauty.

A married woman wears a tichel (mitpachat) or head covering to indicate she is unavailable. It doesn’t need to detract from her beauty, in fact is should add to it. An unattainable woman is even more beautiful because of the mystery she presents. In the past there may not have been many options for observant Jewish women to express their beauty with head coverings. Today a beautiful woman can enhance her beauty with elegant and stylish head coverings.

Not Your Grandma’s Tichel

When many observant women first think of a head covering, they probably think of drab cotton squares. Something that smothers the hair and scarcely let’s more than three inches of hair peek out. If that was still the case today then why are women still so worried about how their hair looks? Head coverings are now up-to-date with modern culture and still pay homage to the old ways.

Say goodbye to what you imagined a Jewish head covering could look like. Headscarves have made their way into the present and now cater to the women who wear them. Following the modesty code shouldn’t have to throw your style back in time. Tichels now come as wonderfully vibrant and diverse as the Jewish tradition. If you love simplicity or if you want something glamorous, you’ll find a head covering that matches your personality.

Modesty for All Occasions

You wouldn’t wear the same clothes to work outside as you would to a fancy night out, so why limit your options when it comes to a modest head covering? There’s nothing immodest about wanting a little variety when it comes to protecting your privacy. Casual head coverings in a beret or headband style compliment sweet and quirky clothes wonderfully. For a woman who loves tradition and complex textiles, sinar tichels are flawless as a companion piece.

Jewish head coverings are as varied as the modern Jewish women who wear them. Appealing to both cultural tradition and the latest fashion, headscarves present Jewish women with endless possibilities. With head coverings now ranging from simple, plain colored cotton squares to elaborate fabrics with intricate knotting, women no longer have to format their whole wardrobe around their tichel.

Beauty That Really Matters

Despite the new elegance and style in today’s head coverings it doesn’t change what really matters. It’s true that Judaism teaches us to take care of our appearance, but no matter how much effort goes into our exterior appearance we must remember where that beauty comes from. The true beauty we’re blessed with comes from within. Jewish head coverings exist to protect that beauty and allow it to thrive. Enhance your beauty with an elegant Jewish head covering.

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