Making Sure Your Skin Care Lasts

You don’t have to be a dermatologist to know that skin doesn’t stay healthy and youthful forever. It’s definitely possible for older people to take care of their skin, making it radiant and vivacious. But unless you lay a good foundation for this future health while you are still young, you’ll be fighting a losing battle when you get older. That’s why skin care and anti-aging is a battle fought on many fronts while you are young. You want to give your future self everything you can to work with. If you do the right work when you are younger, you’ll be able to have great skin for the rest of your life. Here are some ways to focus your attention.

Close-up of woman holding her hand to her face
Close-up of woman holding her hand to her face
  1. Don’t Get Sun Damage. Sun is the enemy of healthy skin. Without getting too technical, skin that is constantly damaged by sun ages faster. Eventually, it starts to thin, and the healthy parts of the tissue stop regenerating earlier than they normally would. The best way to avoid this kind of damage is to limit your time in the sun, and to wear a strong sun screen when you do go out in the sun. If you make a habit of this, you’ll be creating a “Savings account” of skin health for many years to come. It’s easy to forget this in your everyday life, so try to make sun protection part of your routine.

  1. Don’t Overlook Botox. Botox is a remarkable tool in the dermatologist’s kit. If you haven’t considered it before, maybe now is the time. Sometimes we think of Botox as a tool used by older people, trying to rid themselves of wrinkles and lines. And even though it is used for this purpose, more young people are starting to use Botox because of the big benefits it can hold for long term youthfulness and beauty. Botox can lock in the best aspects of your face. It also allows you to work on your face bit by bit, focusing on the tiny details that need work and moving ahead gradually, with a lot of intention. It’s affordable and increasingly popular among young people. Why not talk to your dermatologist, or the experts at

  1. Don’t Wait to See a Professional. If you are young, with excellent skin, don’t wait to see a dermatologist. These professionals are not just in the business of fixing problems. Instead, they are are often a lot more happy to work with people to preserve youth and skin health, rather than trying to get back what once was. If you are happy with your skin now, it may be time to get a professional involved so that you can learn how to manage it for the maximal future health.

People with great skin don’t have it by accident. Sure, some of us have natural skin during our youth, but unless we’re willing to do the work and make the right decisions, it’s not going to last forever. Follow the tips above, and you’ll have beautiful skin for life.

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