Ron King Academy: Because Hairstyling Is Not A Job, It’s A Craft

Blessed are the hairstylists- for they bring out the beauty in others.❞ ― Anonymous

Enrolling in cosmetology school is such a unique profession, because in our culture, hair means so much to each one of us. Creating a flattering look for someone is a big responsibility, but it is also one that delivers much joy and satisfaction when the stylist has nailed that perfect cut, curl, color and so forth.


Deciding on Cosmetology School

You will learn some incredible lessons on everything hair. It’s not just about the cut and styling trends, but the science involved in chemical processes like, coloring, or giving perms or relaxers. There is chemistry involved each time a strand of hair is altered, because chemicals will change the structure and texture of one’s hair.

It’s exciting to transform the client into a new person with a more appealing look, especially when it comes to the perfect hairstyle for the individual. When you study cosmetology at Ron King Academy, you learn how key face shape is to cutting and styling.

Oval Face Shape

That means the widths of your brow, cheekbones and jaw are almost equal, making this the ideal face shape that can wear most any hairstyle. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is said to have an oval face shape. Your hairstyle can feature any length, pixie, medium or long. If you choose length, then long layers that hit at the jawline are quite alluring.

Round Face Shape

This one features a shape that is as wide as it is long, with your forehead and jaw curving at the corners. Emma Stone’s face has a round shape. A longer bob around the collarbone level will add weight to the cut and balance the roundness of your face.

Heart Shape Face

The bone structure here shows a wide brow and cheeks tapering to a narrow jaw, which usually features a pointy chin. Halle Berry is a heart-shaped example. If you choose a short crop, then a tousled cut with choppy layers is great for you to break up a wide forehead.

Square Face Shape

The length and width of the face here are as equal with a strong jawline. Emily Deschanel has a square face shape. A short layered bob with subtle bangs will bring attention to your cheekbones.

All these face shapes are unique and attractive in their own individuality and allow the stylist to find a flattering hair look for you.

Cosmetology classes are always in the moment. You pick up buzz and trends on beauty and fashion, and the rewards are many. Ron King Academy can inspire you. It’s time to live your dream.

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