Spring 2016 Trends That Can Actually Work for You

Every year and every season, fashion designers from all over the world come up with new designs. However, one must admit that not all of these great, outrageous designs are actually wearable. We understand your dilemma so we are giving you a list of ‘wearable’ fashion trends this coming spring of 2013.

spring outfits 2013

spring 2013 trends

–          Bermuda shorts. These comfortable, super chic, fam-friendly, and flattering shorts are perfect for the coming season. Whether it is plain or printed, or whatever the fabric of your Bermuda shorts are, they will definitely help you stand out this season.

–          Contrasts: Black and White. Usually, spring trends boast of cool, colorful prints on clothes. One hot new trend this coming year would be contrasting black and white outfits. Any chic top or ensemble with patters or different shades of black and white will be cool not just in spring but all year-round

–          Peek-a-boo. Given the rising, hotter temperatures in spring, you might want to wear something that’s easy to wear and comfortable. Dresses with cutouts, splits, sheer fabrics and bring outfits will definitely look hot, making you hotter this season.

–          Attention-grabbing Sunglasses. Whatever it is you will be wearing this spring, loud and elaborate sunglasses are going to be perfect for you. Protect your eyes from the extreme glare of the sun and enhance your looks with these great sunglasses.

–          Stripes. Simple, stylish, bold. Ay piece of striped clothing will look good on you this coming spring. Stripes are not limited to black and whites so choose different color combinations for your outfits that match your taste and enhance your looks.

–          Luxurious Leather. While leather items are generally hot and not recommended during hot seasons, cool, fab, and luxurious leather outfits are going to be big this coming spring. Just make sure you choose those pieces with minimalist shapes, rich colors, and those that complement your overall get up will give you that stunning look this coming spring.

–          Dazzle up with colorful beads. Wearing embellished, Indian or Middle Eastern evening wear will make you look really stunning. So if you will be out for a shindig, beaded dresses would definitely be a hit.

–          Suit up. They look good when you’re out there having fun outdoors yet they still look stylish and decent enough when you’re in the office, making short suits perfect for every occasion.

–          Comfy and Sporty. From the cold, laid back winters, it is always great to get some physical activity once more as spring comes. Having these sporty dresses are perfect to help you move better this coming season.

–          Low or Flat. Flat shoes or those with low heels are the shoes to get this season. 4-inch pumps are going to be just right for date nights. If you want to look cool though, try wearing these shoes with boyfriend jeans or Bermuda shorts when you go out with your girlfriends.

As seasons change, trends do too. It doesn’t mean though that you have to follow them all even if they don’t suit you well. However, trying too hard can ruin things. Trends are only giving you useful tips to stay hip and stylish as seasons change. So follow the ones that work best for you and forget those that don’t.

Beverly Houston is passionate about fashion and is gaga over staying beautiful. This gal from the Irvine loves to blog about the beauty tips and trends, fashion trends, entertainment and everything about online shopping.

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