Tips for Buying a Great Prom Dress Cheaply

A great prom dress is one which has been uniquely made and gets you lots of attention and glares from your peers. But what happens when you can’t afford the type of dress you want to wear. Would you just go to prom with a dress with is outdated and unfashionable that makes you look old fashioned and uncomfortable? Or like the Cinderella story, you would wait for your fairy godmother to do some magic for you. If so, stop dreaming because it’s not going to happen. You can get a great prom dress at a cheap price like those in the MissesDressy Prom Collection found at the online clothing store,

You can also make your own magic by following the tips below for buying a great prom dress cheaply.


  1. Instead of looking at buying from physical shops only, try buying at online shops too.

After looking through popular shops near you and still not finding that cheap great prom dress you need, it would do you some good if you tried searching online. There are a lot of online clothing shops which have cheap prom dresseswhich look even better than the ones sold at the shops near you. Sites like have lots of great and affordable prom dresses in their MissesDressy Prom Collection section.

  1. Sign Up for Newsletters On Online Clothing Sites.

Signing up for newsletters on the various online clothing sites you visit can get you a great looking prom dress. This is because, most of these sites do a lot of promotions and once you sign up, you are entered the promotion. is an example of such site and once you sign up for a newsletter, you are entered into a promotion that gives you some amount of money to shop for free on their site when you become the lucky winner.

  1. Try Bargaining.

Sometimes bargaining on the price is also another way to get your dress at a cheap price. You should know how to bargain and where to bargain. For instance; you can’t buy a cloth at a department store where the prices are fixed and hope to get it at a reduced price by bargaining on it. Go buy at shops where you can bargain on prices. Don’t just walk away when you think you can’t afford the amount, suggest your own price. For all you know, that is the real price.

  1. Try vintage shops instead of department stores.

Although people don’t want to look old fashioned in their prom dresses; buying vintage clothes can also be your answer to getting the right but cheap prom wear. Do some vintage shopping; go through vintage wears and it will surprise you to find some clothing designs from the late 80’s or early 90’s looking like latest dress designs. Since these clothes come at cheaper costs, you will end up getting a great dress at a cheaper price.

  1. Sell an Old Dress.

This can also do the trick. Go through your closet and find those dresses or clothes that you don’t wear anymore and think it might be useful to another person. Sell them online or physically at an affordable price than you bought it. Add the extra money you will earn to the money you have at hand and buy a new sleek and chic great prom dress. You can buy the dress cheaply at online shops like by going to their MissesDressy Prom Collection section.

With the above tips in mind, you can get a great prom dress at an affordable price.

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