Top 5 Trendy Ways to Drive

Driving is one of the great joys in life for so many people because it symbolizes freedom to go wherever and do whatever. But for others who want to know how to drive safely in 2017, it’s all about making an entrance in style, and taking maximum enjoyment from the envious stares that surround them as they exit and enter their car. If you fall into the latter category, it’s time to start practicing the trendiest ways to drive.


  1. In Your Bathing Suit

Free yourself from the confines of ordinary clothes and don your bathing suit regardless of what month in is. So what if you get hypothermia as soon as you get out of the car? Trends are not about comfort! They’re about telling other people without words that they’re not nearly as cool as you are because they didn’t think to put on their swimming trunks just to go to the grocery store. Bonus points in that exiting the car may get even more people to be jealous of you and your killer body.

  1. With Your Dog

Dogs are really the ultimate fashion accessory, and they can make the trendy seem even more trendy. It should be noted that to really arrive in style, you’ll want to have only tiny dogs that fit into your purse/pocket. If you have a Great Dane, it’s time to trade that big boy in. A large dog will elicit stares for sure, but most people will be wondering how you were able to fit him into your vehicle and whether your interior is covered in dog slobber. You only want people wondering why they’re not as cool as you, not what your cleaning bills look like. Nothing else should matter.

  1. Having Ryan Gosling as Your Passenger

Did you see La La Land? Ryan Gosling is pretty hot right now, so this seems like the best way to achieve trendy status if you don’t have a bathing suit or a dog. While his schedule might be booked, it’s really not your problem. He needs to make you trendy right now, so all you must do is be persistent. Also, if a restraining order happens to be filed against you, don’t worry about it. It’s Ryan’s way of plating hard to get. All it means is that he just needs a little more effort for you before he becomes your constant driving companion.

  1. Plastering Tons of Bumper Stickers on Your Car

Have a cause you believe in? Want to get everyone to join your crusade? Because if you do, nothing changes people’s minds like a well-placed bumper sticker. Whether your dogma is running over someone else’s karma or you’re just dying to hear people honk if they love golf, this is a sure-fire way to be seen as a trend-setter in your area. Perhaps you want everyone to boycott abstract art because it’s not really art. Or maybe you’re dying to have people acknowledge that chess is really the only sport that should matter to them. No matter what it reads, a bumper sticker is a great way to get other people to notice where you stand.

  1. Rent a Lambo

Or really, any luxury Italian car. Drivers in these beautiful specimens will always be approached by everyone who sees them and do not have to worry about going to traffic school to dismiss a ticket. In some cases, jealous normal people will run across parking lots to talk to you. If you leave the car to go into a store, they may yell about it, dance around it and take pictures as if it was theirs. The type of jealousy you inspire will be worth every penny.


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