Top Tips to Use When Shopping for Diamonds

Diamonds are perhaps one of the most romantic and special gifts you can give to someone, but with that said it can also be a bit overwhelming to shop for them. When you’re spending that kind of money, you want to be sure that you get what you pay for and you pick the right stones. Here’s a look at a few simple tips you can use as you start the process of shopping for diamonds.


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Go with a Reputable Dealer

One of the top tips has to do with where you buy your diamonds. Because the quality can differ so significantly from one dealer to the next, you want to be sure you pick a dealer with a good reputation who has been around for a while. It doesn’t matter if you plan on buying diamonds in person or online, check around and do your research on the dealer first.

Do a Little Research on Diamonds

There is a whole lot to know about diamonds, all of which will affect the price and look of the diamond itself. If you’re looking for a crash course in all things diamond-related, you may want to check out a Brian Gavin review that discusses such things as cut, clarity, color, and karat. As well, you can read reviews of jewelers, store reviews, and more. You will become a mini pro when it comes to buying diamonds.

Not All Aspects Have to be Perfect

Often people will insist on having the highest clarity and if they hear there are inclusions they won’t even look twice at it. Here’s the thing, many of these inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eye, yet they can bring the price of the diamond down drastically.

Where you are wise to push for the higher grade and quality is with the color and when looking at color, consider what color of metal you will be setting it in. White gold and rose gold will make the diamond’s color appear a little different than say a white or platinum gold setting.

As well, when looking at the size or the karats, it’s shouldn’t be just about the weight of the diamond. Instead, look at such things as the cut and shape, as this will help to determine just how beautiful the diamond looks.

Go in With a Set Budget

The last tip is one that people tend to have the most problem with and that’s sticking to a budget. As you start to look at various diamonds and become wowed by their brilliance, it’s easy to forget about your budget. You will want to set a budget in advance before you even start looking and make sure you make it clear to the sales person from the start that this is your budget.

If you’re searching for diamonds online, use the various filter tools that will show you the options in your price range only.

Shop for Diamonds Like a Seasoned Pro

By using these tips you’ll be able to shop for diamonds online and in-person just like a pro.

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