5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Winter Weather Boots

bootsOne of the best things about the winter season is fashion. It’s the time when you get to pull out your sweaters, corduroys and also your cute wool and leather jackets. It’s also when a lot of us find ourselves running out to our local department stores (or sometimes even thrift stores) in order to get some winter weather boots that will keep us warm in the rain, sleet or snow. Boots are a woman’s best friend during the winter season. Not only do they keep her warm but they are a great way to accessorize her outfit.

If you’re thinking that it’s time to get a couple of pair of boots for yourself and you’d like a few tips on things you should consider as you’re out shopping for them, we have provided you with five suggestions below:

Think about what you need the boots for. If you’re simply purchasing some snow boots for fashionable purposes, you can easily find some leather or suede ones at a local department store. However, if you live in a climate that has a lot of snow or you’re planning a ski trip, you’ll want to look for a pair of hiking ski boots; ones that have heavy tread on the soles. Knowing the purpose of why you will be wearing the boots will help you decide quicker and also help you save money.

Make sure that they’re water-resistant. One thing that the cold weather brings is a lot of moisture and there’s nothing worse than having freezing feet. So, in order to prevent water from getting onto your boots and then onto your feet, look for a pair that are water-resistant. A lot of people forget most boots aren’t waterproof, so make sure you ask a sales associates before purchasing your boots. A customer sales associate can share with you the kind of fabrics that are considered to be waterproof.

Look for boots that will keep your feet warm. Aside from looking for boots that are water-resistant, it’s also a good idea to make sure that they are lined with a material that can provide your toes with some extra insulation. So, as you’re trying boots on, look for the kind that have some fleece or fur inside of them. That way, your feet can remain extra cozy, no matter how cold it might be outside.

Take the boot’s weight into account. Say that while you’re out shopping at a store like Muck Boots Outlet for some cold weather boots you see a pair that you really like. Only, after trying them on, they seem to be a bit on the heavy side. This actually isn’t uncommon in snow boots being that they do tend to be made out of heavier materials and many of them do have insulation inside of them. However, if you would like a lighter pair, try on a couple that are made out of synthetic fibers. Heavy boots are best when it comes to something like shoveling snow.

Move around in the boots before taking them home. Being that you’re going to have some socks or stockings on your feet, sometimes the extra layering can fill up your boots rather quickly. That’s why you should get a pair that are half a size bigger than what you usually wear. Also, don’t forget to do some walking and jumping around in the store before making a purchase. You don’t want to end up buying boots that fit tight because we all know how uncomfortable small shoes can be! That way, you can be sure that the boots are a comfortable fit. Happy snow boot shopping!


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