6 Reasons You Need to Start Running

Have you ever watched jealously as people effortlessly run by your window? I know I have.

Running seems to come so naturally to some people, and they make it look so easy!

The truth is, the human body is evolutionarily designed to run, so that running prowess is buried inside all of us.

Even if you’re not interested in becoming a super human running like ultra-marathoners, there are plenty of reasons to start running today!


An Excuse to Buy New Shoes!

If you’re brand new to running, you need to get the right equipment for your kit. Running shoes will be the foundation for your new journey in running.

Some new runners like to go into a specialty shop where a clerk will evaluate how you walk and run. This will help him determine if he needs to correct for any irregularities like walking on the outsides of your feet or having pigeon toes.

Others have an idea of what kind of shoe they need and will buy their running shoes online.

And New Clothes!

Buying new running clothes is a great way to motivate yourself to run. Nothing feels better than running around in a new outfit. If you’re like me, you might also feel the need to run if you’ve spent money on new clothes and shoes.

Most of the running shoe manufacturers like Nike, Under Armour, ASICS, and New Balance produce running apparel.

Feel Better….Eventually

I won’t lie to you. When you first start running, it sucks. You have to walk a ton and you constantly feel inferior to those who effortlessly jog by you on the sidewalk. You’ll also be sore for the first few weeks as your running muscles strengthen.

As the weeks pass, you’ll notice you’re not as winded and you can go farther and longer than you previously could. Your body will start to feel stronger and you’ll begin to feel healthier.

Teach Yourself Discipline

A hug component of running is self-discipline. It takes an incredible amount of effort to get yourself dressed for a run when you’re first starting out.

Set small goals for yourself to help overcome the desire to just stay home on the couch. The discipline you learn from getting out and running five times a week is a skill you can transfer to many other areas in your life.

Sleep Better

When you exercise more, you sleep better. Sleep works as a stress reliever which can help you fall asleep faster. And, of course, your body’s tired and needs to sleep to regenerate.

If you exercise in the morning or early afternoon, this can help reset your sleep/wake cycle and help you fall asleep at the right time.

Live Longer!

A recent study in a leading cardiovascular health journal showed that one hour of running could translate into an additional seven hours on your lifespan.

Getting started running earlier in your life can lead to many more hours of life to live down the road. Not to mention, you’ll feel healthier if you adopt this awesome habit now!







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