Casual Style- the Way to Rocking a Good dress

As time and necessity both set in, the chronology of a woman tells when it is time for dressing up real nice. Most women have been through this stage of their life where they get to need some change. Most often, a lot of women start by dressing sloppily without giving a care to what people think about them.

Also, at one point in life, women deal with the harsh reality that, despite who you really are, it is quite difficult to get the attention you seek if you are sloppily dressed.

Ever tried asking for directions from two people? The first person instructs you to take two turns, and the second person instructs you to take one turn. You decide to listen to the second person, and you take your chances with them.

According to social psychology knowledge, there are two main reasons that you would choose to listen to the second person. The first thing would be their confidence, and the second would be how sharply they are dressed. You are likely to take a well dressed person more seriously than a person whose dressing is not sharp.

Worse still, what would be the first thing to think about if two people approached you? One was smartly dressed and the other person looked a little more on the sloppy edge. Your answer to this question should guide you on to the reality of why it is important to dress well.

A Sharp Look

Sharply dressed people will always command the attention of others. A sharply dressed person is thought to have taken her time in finding the right clothes that fit her. More so, it is considered that the person went to the trouble of achieving a great look in the mirror, and they therefore deserve your attention. Stereotypes and notions that have been preconceived plague the mind, though unknowingly, and you judge somebody on the basis of how you see them.

Dressing is more of a Message

Self grooming is one of the ways in which people perceive you. In a subconscious way, people tend to create a link on whether you fit their caliber or not, on how you are dressed. Your dressing determines how powerful you wield your influence on them.

Dressing appropriately for work

Dressing for work is considered with some more specificity than the other areas. To make sure that you have the attention of your superiors as an able person within your docket, ensure that you dress appropriately.

Ensure that you have a proper fit for all that you wear. A perfect fit would not be as elegant if your retro kjoler was fitted with unfitting shoes. Try maximizing on your body shape as well, to ensure that you get the right fit for your clothes and other accessories.

If you have eye problems, ensure that your glasses do not seem blown out of proportion. Keep off from wearing your sunglasses at work, unless your office allows you to rock in casual code.

Appropriate Skirt Height

There are many reasons why people dress the way they do. You may just want to look the part, or more. When dressing for work, there is the normal allowed height, and some professional allowance to the height that is commonly acceptable.

The right skirt height separates you from being labeled as a flirt at work. It also keeps you from being undermined for wearing more like old folk.

Professionally, the accepted height for your skirt is, just above the knee. At this height, the skirt does not allow exposure of your hips. At the same time, long skirts are not encouraged in the corporate world, but a casual dress should totally go down to your legs, if worn long.

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