Create the Illusion of a Toned Booty

 Gone are the days when flat, shapeless butts were in style. Nowadays, tone, shapely women are considered the epitome of attractiveness. Some women actively seek out options to achieve the perfectly round derriere that they will go to extremes to get what they want, including Botox injections, hours of squats, butt implants, and anything else that promises a bigger, rounder behind. If your butt is currently flatter, longer, or saggier than you would like it to be, you can create the illusion of a toned booty with things like butt lifter panties, shapewear, and carefully selected clothing.




Most panties do nothing to shape the butt or make it appear to be more tone and lifted. In fact, some types of panties can do the opposite, especially if they are too tight and flatten the rear end. However, there are some beautiful little panty inventions that actually lift the butt and offer just enough support to keep it from sagging. There are even some panties that include strategically-placed padding inserts in order to enhance the derriere and give the butt a more rounded and smooth appearance. Now that you know these types of panties exist, you probably can’t wait to go buy a pair so that you can make a more memorable impression the next time you wear that little black dress in your closet.




Every girl needs to have at least one shape wear garment in her closet, especially if she wants to accentuate her booty while slimming down her thighs and waist. The right shape wear should accentuate curves and smooth out unwanted bulges and imperfections without causing the butt to appear flattened.




There are certain types of clothing that can make any butt look perky and toned, and there are other types of clothing that can make the shapeliest butt look long and spread out. The next time you go shopping for jeans, try to find a low-rise pair that fits comfortably and has wide pockets that accentuate the natural shape of your butt. High-wasted jeans that have unusually long pockets can make your behind take on the dreaded appearance of a saggy “mom butt”.


The next time you go shopping for skirts, ditch the long and flowing fabrics that hide your body’s curves. If you want to make your butt look perky, hug your curves and show a flattering silhouette of your behind when you turn to the side. When worn in conjunction with butt shaper panties, a form-fitting skirt can quickly transform you and your attractive behind into the talk of the party.


Another great way to create the illusion of a tone and lifted butt is by wearing color block dresses and skirts that help to slim down the waist and hips while accentuating the curvature of your behind. White and black are some of the most classic colors for color block clothing, but they also come in many other fun colors as well. The idea is to contrast light and dark colors in a strategic way in order to slim down certain areas of the body while enhancing others.


If you’re tired of hiding your shapeless rear beneath layers of clothing, try some of these suggestions for creating the illusion of a tight and toned booty.




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