How can a man make the right choice of colors in his clothes?

The most common question that men usually make is referring to right colors of his clothes. Many men today want to have a flawless appearance and look for all the possible combinations and color that suit to have the perfect cardboard.

The color base of a men’s wardrobe should include the following

 – White which is suitable for shirts, sneakers, sweaters

– Gray which is preferred for jackets, sweaters, suits and overcoats

 – Dark blue which is used for jackets, sweaters, costumes, trousers, overcoats

 – Brown which is a common option for shoes and belts

– Black is a clear choice for trousers, sweaters and coats. In general, we choose the colors of sweaters, shirts and T-shirts to be bright. Pants and coats are better to be in a darker color. This is the first and most important rule of a must-have wardrobe.

The color of your clothes

The best way to avoid being out of fashion is to buy monochrome clothes. One of the most common mistakes is the use of the stripes. Whether they’re horizontal in sweaters or vertical in shirts they are never stylish and in fashion. The clothes which are full of stripes should be preferred only in Christmas period, at a sweater, while you are dining with your family. Before you get these clothes, make sure you already have a nice gray sweater with a neckline and a stack of white and blue shirts in your size. Men usually uneseccary clothes, buy badly cut striped sweaters, colorful scarves, jeans in the wrong size, striped shirts with a collar in wrong size and they prefer them instead of having the elementary wardrobe in their room. A pair of gray pants, for example, can be worn with a dark blue jacket and a dark blue pair of trousers can be worn with a gray jacket.

Colors and combinations to avoid

 – Yellow is rarely worn properly. You do not to look silly and by wearing yellow it’s pretty possible

– Avoid the stripes on all of your clothes

  – Do not play with patterns in any possible way.

-Do not wear multicolored trousers. It is not trendy even if it fashionable.

– Do not wear clothes in dark green and army style color

– Follow the famous 3-color rule: if you add more, it’s very likely you’re going to be wrong.

– If you already have 3 jeans that they fit you and 5 pieces of a klassisk skjorte and sweaters , then your wardrobe is almost full.

 Beware: There are a huge variety of clothes, colors, patterns suggested. The result is that we do not rightly decide what to choose. Simplifying your wardrobe is a mandatory step.

Play with colors

Once you have bought all your monochrome clothes, then you can get others with primary and secondary colors. Pink and navy blue are two of the most preferred options.

How to Match Your Clothes

One can wear another color than the basic one, in the collar or the buttons or the cuff or the cords and the tie, the socks, the bow tie or the pocketed. All of the above are accessories or a minimum of clothing. Like a tux pants or a jacket lining.

Monochrome clothes.

You can get a color in its various shades. Usually this is done with blue, beige and burgundy. You’re always in fashion in that way.

Skin and colors

– White skin and bold hair: pastel colors are the most suitable for you: pale pink, lavender color. If you add something in blue color and you have blue eyes, it will give you an even brighter look

– White skin and brown hair: You should prefer blue and brown clothes; they are absolutely suitable for you.

– Dark skin: You can wear bright colors such as orange, red, violet. The darker your skin is, the more it is highlighted by the color. Do not forget that you have to have the right appearance in order to wear clothes in those colors.

If you want to follow a specific style that is suitable for you, you can choose a famous person, who is well-dressed and has the same skin as you, and you can observe and learn from his options. The final thing you have to do is to get rid of all the old clothes you are not going to wear again any more. You can donate them if possible. So, throw away all the old stuff and you will see your wardrobe with a clearer eye. As you can assume, these are general rules. Once your taste is refined after a long time past, you can get over them.

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