How to Choose and Buy the Right Belt

beltBelts are an important part of people’s wardrobe. They are items of great utility. Not only do they serve as chic fashion accessory, they give the perfect accompaniment to your clothing. Belts today come in myriad shapes and sizes with many of them adding an overwhelming allure to the appearance of the person who dons them. It can be instant attraction for an onlooker.

While the huge variety of belts seen on the covers of leading women’s fashion magazines is quite intimidating, there is not much to actually choosing and buying a great looking belt. With some bit of research, it can be made easy. Apart from its functional role, the main purpose of a belt is to make your wardrobe look chic. A fashionable belt is a welcome addition to your wardrobe and makes it truly pop. Aesthetically, a belt makes your waist look slimmer and more streamlined. Therefore, it makes sense to buy the right colors and that one belt which fits you just right.

Belts can lend your dress an unmatched charm provided the one which you’re wearing goes well with your outfit. Your selection of the belt needs to be meticulous. Worry not, we’ll make it easy for you by some great tips. Here’s what you need to bear in mind while shopping for different types of belts:


It is easy to remember the rule of color matching – match your belt with one piece of your wardrobe – preferably your shoes. It is suggested by fashion experts that belts and shoes should be of the same color. However, you do not need to take the pains of matching the belt perfectly. Anything close to the shoe colour will also do. The only thing to keep in mind is that the colours of the two essential wardrobe items should be in sync with each other.

Belt varieties

There are three major belt varieties that you should know of when you are on a shopping trip for accessories.  Belts are available in wide, skinny, and ornamental variants. During the last few years, belts have started coming in different shapes and sizes.

Different looks
Today, a trendy look is a pair a sweater dress with a belt at the waist creating a great silhouette that looks slim and classy. And, a slimmer girl can use a wide or a studded belt to create a fuller figure. A light or sparkly belt can complete a dark outfit.

Studded belts

The biggest advantage with studded belts is the ability to make your wardrobe look coulorful and really stand-out – making them a great fit for parties. However, you have to identify how much glitter and metal you can carry, based on your personal style statement. They are highly versatile – you can wear them for a party, or add them to a jeans and t-shirt ensemble to really stand out from the crowd, or even pair them with a mainstream dress to create a tighter waistline.


There is a fine line between affordable and cheap, and with belts, it definitely shows. While there are great varieties in pleather (plastic leather) and affordable choices in leather, buying your first, all-purpose belt means you should buy something durable. Over time, you can build up a wardrobe of stylish belts that you have bought simply for pairing with different clothing items or for special occasions.

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