Independent Fashion Brands You Need to Know About in 2018

In fashion, sometimes you want to discover brands that are under the radar and stays as your little secret before the whole world knows. Often, it is hard to tell which brands are upcoming and will stay around for a while. Sometimes, you hear about one collection, and then the brand goes off the radar which can be devastating.

Now, seek no more. We have done our research, and you can seek these cool brands and be the envy of others.

Saks Potts

Saks Potts started with their story with their statement coat; The Febbe. The two designers are only in their early 20s, and already have a massive cult following in Denmark. Hailed from Copenhagen, the designers have prided on their inspirations from youth culture, and gave it an avant-garde twist in the mix. Now, known for its statement coats, their Spring and summer collection is updated with modern pastel palettes. How can we stop loving this brand?

Societe Noir

Our secret at the moment is Societe Noir, an designer brand that is upcoming. Known for their luxury take on streetwear, their trucker hats has already been a hit in their collection! Connecting the brand with its statement yet clean design, it does seem quite futuristic, especially when you do want this brand in your wardrobe at some point this summer!

Alexander Lewis

Already on the hot list of Vogue, Lewis has been making waves with his contemporary designs on classic everyday clothing. For instance, cigarette-leg leather pants and a reworked version of the striped shirt. It is no wonder that many generations and fashion greats such as Tim Blanks are swooning over him.

Roberta Einer

After training with designers such as Mary Katrantzou and Alexander McQueen, Einer’s stint with those designers shows in her collection. If it is one thing for certain, Einer certainly understands women. NEWGEN has already named Einer as one to watch in December 2015, and already she has established the brand as a glamorous, experimental yet feminine brand. Keep this designer under your radar!

So, here we have four designers. Most of them may seem to be in their early stages, and that is the beauty of the hunt for under the radar fashion brands. They are already gaining traction and a solid fanbase! Still, you have heard it here first!

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