Isle of Man: Into the Lush Valleys

Relaxation, fun, culture or adventure… whatever you want from your holiday, you will find it in the Isle of Man. This British isle is made of coastal beauty, mountains and a charming countryside. Staying on this isle means that you can explore castle runs, have ride of Victorian steam trains and enjoy the wildlife both at sea and land. You can even discover one of the most famous motorsports event around the world- the annual TT motorcycles races!

The Isle of Man is a magical place to visit. It embarks you onto an enchanted journey into the yesteryears, while being modern at the same time. The isle breathes antiqueness as it is showered with stone churches, forts, castles and carved Celtic crosses, all preserved neatly. The best point to see the stone crosses is at the Maughold church. Founded in AD 600, this church is one of the oldest of the isle. It still preserves antique inscriptions dating from the 6th century.

Many movies have been shot in the Isle of Man because of its ancient yet modern aspect. One of these movies is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Also, there are even slot games which have been inspired by the lush valleys of Isle of Man. For instance, if you play some of the movie and adventure themed slot games at Magical Vegas Casino, you will discover deep jungles, blue seas and vintage locations.

The best way to ride around the city is by taking the train at the Heritage Railway- an adventurous ride in the warm countryside. The best trip is to the Victorian-era Laxey Wheel or Curragh’s Wildlife Park which will let you meet and enjoy the company of the most adorable natives of that isle. You can expect to find the most beautiful sceneries in the lush valleys, rugged coastlines and barren hills. In fact, in 2016, UNESCO named the Isle of Man a Biosphere Reserve making it the prettiest spot to get in touch with nature. It is until now, one of the five best nature reserves of UK.

To dive into the beautiful history of the isle, you have to visit the Manx Museum and National Art Gallery. This contemporary arts centre begins the visit with an opening film of the island’s 100-year history. It then shows the various stops like Viking gold and silver, the WWII camps and the history of Tynwald. The museum features masterpieces of John Miller Nicholson and Archibald Knox. Another famous museum you can stroll at is Grove Museum of Victorian Life. Found in the north of the island, this 19th- century construction was owned by the Gibb family, before becoming an iconic location.

The most historic place of the isle is the Castle Rushen. This impressive 13th- century castle is fascinating. You can visit the old-fashioned kitchen, the Great Hall, the gatehouse and even the dungeons. From the castle’s flag tower, you can have a fine view of the coast and town.

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