Perfect Gifts For Your Brides made

As a bride, it’s easy to get totally caught up in the nitty gritty details of your big day when you’re leading up to it. But, let’s be honest, no one deserves more of a thank you—or a pretty gift—than your bridesmaids!

Who else but your faithful bmfl’s will plan your hen party, listen to your constant wedding talk without interruption, and hold your gown through the many bathroom trips on the most important day of your life? Not all heroes wear capes people, your bridesmaids are the unsung heroes of the wedding day and every day leading up to it.

So, you want the reward you heroes, but you’re stumped on a way to honour them with something unique and special? Well, luckily we’ve done the homework for you! Here are a few unique and thoughtful gift options that are perfect for everyone your bridal party…


Okay, so this may not feel like it’s a massively ‘unique’ gift – but you can make it unique! These days, most ladies jewellery can be personalised, meaning a simple necklace of bracelet can become a treasured keepsake! Try local jewellers, or take a look on sites like notonthehighstreet for people local to you that will make you personalised jewellery.

Passport Cover and Luggage Tags

This is especially cute if you’re planning a destination wedding. What better way to say thank you than with a bespoke passport cover and leather tag? If you have a quite a few bridesmaids, then you can get them all a different colour each and personalise them by adding their name or initials to make it an extra sentimental gift.

A Subscription Gift

Why not get them a gift that keeps on giving well after the big day!? A great outside the box idea is buying your bridesmaids a subscription to their favourite glossy mag or maybe a flower subscriptions. They could get a fresh bouquet every month, or even a box of beauty samples or healthy snacks! Are they a reality TV addict? You could buy them a subscription to HayU. They’ll be reminded of your big day with each gift they receive – and there are so many options.

A Spa Day

You girls will need some time to chill and reflect post wedding, so why not book you and your bridesmaids into a spa somewhere for the day? You can find great group deals online, making it a totally affordable option that seems like a grand gesture! Who said the fun ends at I do, hey?

Do you have any other ideas? Comment with them below!

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