Road trips in Asia are more interesting than hiring a regular guide to show you around and tell you history tales. They allow you to set the rules especially motorcycle tours in Thailand.


You get to pick any location of your choice and won’t have to stick to any routine. It’s this freedom that comes with motorcycle tours in Thailand that you need to enjoy.

But, even when you ride towards the sunset, admire the amazing landscapes designed by nature and the rustle of the breeze through your hair. You still need to know where you are, the best places to visit and how to get back safely.

Thanks to smartphone apps, you can get directions in real time or download offline maps in case there is no network coverage. So, this proves that you need road trip apps that work both online and offline for your motorcycle tours in Thailand. Below is a list of the best online and offline road trip apps to make your motorcycle tours in Thailand easy and fun.

  • Roadtrippers

Assuredly, unlike vacations motorcycle tours in Thailand involves careful preparations – packing the right gear, finding the best route, gas stations, and attractions you must visit. Think of Roadtrippers as your road trip planning assistant that suggest the best places to visit, find lodging for you and create the best route for your motorcycle tours in Thailand.

Roadtripper is a free app and once you type your final destination the app shows you nearby cities, different routes, and activities and places you can visit.

  • Google trips

This app is a typical vacation planner that allows you to search for ‘things to do on motorcycle tours in Thailand’ and get a grouped list of fun activities in Asia. Also, you can search for food and drink to try in different cities in Asia and you will get a list of cuisines every Asian town is known for.

Lastly, Google trips allow you to save all your attractions, food and drink searches so you won’t forget to visit them. Besides, you can send your reservation to your Gmail and sync it to the reservation tab on Google trips.

  • Google Maps

Granted, every adventurer needs a map and a compass, and which other apps would you trust to guide you if not Google Maps. Recently, Google Maps allowed offline map download. To use Google Maps offline, highlight the areas you want to download then zoom in and out to download.

Once offline you lose access to the spoken navigation but, you can hack this by starting navigation on Wi-fi before you begin your motorcycle tours in Thailand.

Maps. Me

Trust me, this is one app you must have on your smartphone to easily navigate motorcycle tours in Thailand. It is designed to work offline unlike Google Maps and you must download a map of your destination using Wi-Fi before using this app.

The app is based on OpenStreetMap and offers high detailed maps, points of interests and offline voice navigation. So, while you prepare your motorbike and pack your gear, don’t forget to download these apps for your motorcycle tours in Thailand.

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