Which Celebrity Women Are Fashion Icons for the Older British Woman? Bonmarche Reveals the Top 10

UK-based fashion retailer, Bonmarche, has completed a piece of research to determine which celebrity icons most inspired British women over the age of 45, their particular target demographic. They found that there were very few changes in ranks of popularity until women reached 65 and over, although Helen Mirren, Jennifer Anniston, Meryl Streep, and Joanna Lumley were always in the top four.


Regardless of how old a woman is, it is a known fact that she wants good. For many women, developing their own personal sense of style is achieved by looking at their celebrity inspirations. Bonmarche, a popular UK fashion retailer that focuses specifically on women over the age of 45, has completed a new piece of research to determine which celebrity women were their customers’ greatest inspiration. They surveyed thousands of women from all over the UK, all aged 45 and over. The top 10 celebrity women were revealed to be:

  1. Helen Mirren, in 19.2% of cases.
  2. Jennifer Anniston, in 16.3% of cases.
  3. Meryl Streep, in 14.5% of cases.
  4. Joanna Lumley, in 13.5% of cases.
  5. Nicole Kidman, in 10.3% of cases.
  6. Elle McPherson, in 10% of cases.
  7. Julie Walters, in 8.1% of cases.
  8. Jane McDonald, in 5.9% of cases.
  9. Salma Hayek, in 5.4% of cases.
  10. Ruth Langsford, in 4.8% of cases.

Bonmarche also wanted to see whether there were differences in specific age categories. They revealed that the above statistics were followed exactly by women aged between 45 and 54. They also asked why the top 2 were seen as so inspirational, and Helen Mirren was hailed for her sophistication, while women loved Jennifer Anniston’s beautiful hair and golden tan, while also mentioning her healthy living habits.

In the 55 to 64 age group, there were a few small changes. Helen Mirren became the favorite in 20% of cases, meaning a slight rise. While Jennifer Anniston stayed in second place, her percentage dropped to 15.5%. Meanwhile, in the over 65 age category, 28.4% of women placed Helen Mirren in first place, a significant rise. Jennifer Anniston dropped to fourth place, with Meryl Streep and Joanna Lumley taking up second and third place respectively.

Bonmarche’s online marketing manager says: “As women grow older, their tastes and influences change, but one thing remains constant: a desire to look great”.

In the over 65 category, Helen Mirren continued to be a firm favorite. The great exception, however, was seen in Scotland. Here, 27.8% of women placed Jennifer Anniston in first place once they reached 65 and over, in clear contrast to the rest of the country, where she is fourth in the list.

For Bonmarche, the information is both interesting an invaluable. It is interesting, because it gives them a clear direction in terms of the types of clothing their target demographics want to see, as well as potentially raising the issue of having to offer different stock in different parts of the country. But the results are also inspirational, as they demonstrate that women love celebrities not for their youthful looks, but rather for their personal style, one of either sophistication or approachability, and for the fact that these women also believe in healthy eating. It seems that women now feel more inspiration from those who believe in growing old gracefully, taking pride in their appearance, rather than attempting to look younger than what they really are. It also demonstrates that women want to look after themselves both inside and outside. But what brings it all together is that all women want to look their very best, regardless of age.

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