Tips On How To Identify If A Diamond Is Real Or Fake

If you would like to know if a diamond is in fact a natural and real stone, there are a few tests you are able to conduct at home. These tests can assist you in distinguishing between cubic zirconia (CZ), diamonds and the artificial diamonds like moissanite.   Some of these tests will work better with loose stones. If your stone has failed all of these tests, the in all likelihood your diamond is a fake. If the diamond passes one of more tests, then the stone is probably real. To confirm Read more [...]

Why You Should Download These Trendy Game Apps

Planning a trip away? Need to take transfers to get to your destination? Or you're waiting for connecting flights or perhaps killing time in the passenger’s seat. Either way, any of these can be a tedious task. If you are thinking about going away on a holiday, you should be preparing to kill time with the layovers, queuing lines and pretty much anything that involves reaching your destination. What better way to pass the time than to use it productively through trendy mobile applications readily Read more [...]


Road trips in Asia are more interesting than hiring a regular guide to show you around and tell you history tales. They allow you to set the rules especially motorcycle tours in Thailand. You get to pick any location of your choice and won’t have to stick to any routine. It’s this freedom that comes with motorcycle tours in Thailand that you need to enjoy. But, even when you ride towards the sunset, admire the amazing landscapes designed by nature and the rustle of the breeze through your Read more [...]

6 Ways to Look Completely Different and Beautiful

There are many of us who are constantly looking for new ways to feel and look more beautiful and somewhat different. For some, this may turn into a never-ending struggle as they go through the long cycle of doing things that deliver insignificant results. This is why we are here today. Looking completely different and beautiful is not as hard as you’ve imagined. It does require consistency and dedication, though. To help you achieve your goals, we have put together a list of six proven ways Read more [...]

How To Make Your Hair Longer And Healthier

Growing your hair long can seem like a huge task. Typically, hair only grows six inches a year if you are lucky and your hair type and growth is already determined by genetics. There are, however, a few tips and tricks to help make your hair grow longer and healthier, from taking nutritional supplements to choosing the right conditioner, that will help you closer to your dream of having long, silky hair. It Won’t Grow Overnight Unless you have a magic scalp that grows hair instantaneously, then Read more [...]

Garden Furniture Trends 2018

The long hazy Summer days spent talking in the garden will be memories that stick with us forever. As we move into the midst of Summer 2018, people are making the most out of the glorious weather and turning their gardens into gorgeous spaces to relax with family and friends. The growing trend for ‘Alfresco dining’ has propelled gardens into a whole new kind of living space. With trends changing every year, it’s hard to keep up, but not to worry! We have compiled a list of the most up to date Read more [...]

Biggest Women’s Watch Brands of 2018

A watch is a classy and timeless accessory that can be worn with every outfit. Ladies watch brands interchange and expand as quickly as seasonal fashion trends and sometimes it seems too hard to keep up. With new brands being introduced into the mix every day, it’s important to stay one step ahead and to keep in the loop with the best brands.Whether you’re looking for a timepiece that will impress, or an every-day classic, there is a brand to suit your style. Here is the definitive guide to Read more [...]

Great Fashion Tips no Matter Your Size

Are you finding it more and more difficult to be in style because of your size? Whether you are petite or plus size, you just cannot find fashion that syncs with your personality. Is it really fair that you have to be bland and dull in the fashion world just because designers favor tall and thin models? Of course, it is not fair! So, what can you do about this unfair situation you have found yourself in? First off, be confident and happy with the way you are. It does not matter if you are rounder Read more [...]

Independent Fashion Brands You Need to Know About in 2018

In fashion, sometimes you want to discover brands that are under the radar and stays as your little secret before the whole world knows. Often, it is hard to tell which brands are upcoming and will stay around for a while. Sometimes, you hear about one collection, and then the brand goes off the radar which can be devastating. Now, seek no more. We have done our research, and you can seek these cool brands and be the envy of others. Saks Potts Saks Potts started with their story with their statement Read more [...]

Biggest SS18 Trends to Watch

You’ve probably got that email from your retailer to alert you that they’re having a sale. They’re letting you know that the style for Autumn and Winter is being thrown back in the stock room as they look to revamp their racks with new cooler clothes (meant literally and figuratively). Now and again, the weather can choose to have the odd moody day, so it may be worth keeping the cozy knits at the back of the wardrobe. For the majority however, it’s worth making note of popular trends to Read more [...]